Akashic Records Soul Readings

Delve into the records of your soul to find practical solutions to your challenges and answers to your most pressing questions. Gain insight into your soul’s journey.  Heal, grow and allow yourself to move forward in life with confidence. Give yourself the gift of an Akashic Records Soul Reading.


Akashic Records Pet Healing

Strengthen your bond with your pet, find solutions to behavioural issues, and improve your pet’s well-being. Show your pet some love with an Akashic Records Pet Healing session!

Other Services

Intrigued by the imagery of the tarot? Get advice and direction through these cards.


I have had several readings and a healing done by Kavita. She is someone who is naturally and deeply gifted, with a direct line of communication to the divine. The readings done by her are a very special experience, and I am grateful for the clarity and guidance given during our sessions together. One of the most striking things about a reading with Kavita is her ability to very quickly see into the heart of the matter, and to provide the appropriate guidance for the situation or question at hand. This is beyond intuitive, but a true channeling and bringing forth of clear answers and messages for the realm of the divine. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I have introduced several friends and family members to her, and they have all had glowing things to say about their experience with her. Thank you Kavita and many blessings x